Sync iCal and Google Calendar BiDirectionally!

    I really want to be able to sync both iCal and Google Calendar with my iPod Nano. It’s no secret that you can get Google Calendar to sync with iCal. But about what syncing in the opposite direction (iCal to Google)? Since Google Calendar’s inception, there was no bidirectional solution. But thanks to the makers of SpanningSync, there is now…

    Sync iCal and Google Calendar BiDirectionally! 1

    SpanningSync has made a Mac OS X System Preference that allows you to sync all your info to and from both iCal and Google Calendar. But is it ready for prime time?

    Right from the start I did have an issue with SpanningSync. When I tried installing it, the installer told me I already had the SpanningSync System Preference pane installed – which I did not. So I reinstalled SpanningSync and it loaded fine. Another issue I had was with the Birthdays Calendar from iCal. When I tried syncing the automatically generated Birthday Calendar from iCal, I constantly received an “error” message. The makers of the program claim a fix has been made, but as of the latest version of the BETA, it has not.

    Despite these two setbacks, all of my other calendars sync with no problems. The convenient menu bar icon, easy-to-use interface, and strong customer support have allowed me to appreciate this tiny app that does big things. And remember, it’s still in beta and getting better all the time.

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