Age of Love – Details Announced

    Age of Love - Details Announced 1American broadcast network, NBC, has removed the shroud of secrecy around their new controversial reality dating series called Age of Love.

    The series centers on Melbourne tennis champion Mark Philippoussis (age 31) as he’s wooed by a group of 13 special ladies. What Philippoussis doesn’t know is that these women range in age from 21 to 48. Will he go for one of the younger gals (Kittens), or will he become smitten by someone more mature (Cougars)?

    Age of Love’s “Kittens” will feature six young, enthusiastic women in their 20’s who could probably better keep-up with Philippoussis’ fast-paced lifestyle, while the “Cougars” will consist of seven women in their 40’s who are more sophisticated and thus probably better equipped to deal with his fame as a tennis pro.

    Similar to the manner in which the “geek versus hunks” twists on NBC’s Average Joe reality dating shows played out, Philippoussis will initially be introduced to his older “Cougars” suitors. Later, he will learn that the younger “Kittens” — who will also initially be unaware of the “Cougars” and vice versa — will also be attempting to vie for his affection.

    Once the “Cougars” meet the “Kittens,” the claws come out and all the bachelorettes will try to win him over. From there, the field of suitors will be narrowed until Philippoussis picks his final bachelorette.

    I guess “Age of Love” just sounds better than “Primetime Catfight,” though I would argue the latter is a more fitting title.

    Age of Love premieres on Monday, June 18 at 10PM ET. You can see a preview clip of Age of Love on or get more info about the show at

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