Google Acquires FeedBurner

Google Acquires FeedBurner 1Another open secret becomes official … Google has acquired RSS distributor FeedBurner and its FeedBurner Ad Network, filling a significant gap in its own advertising offerings. No terms are being disclosed officially; the deal already has closed. The reported price when the most recent round of reports started: about $100 million.

From the official FeedBurner blog: “We are confident that we are going to be a part of the company that can best deliver the most comprehensive suite of services to publishers.” Susan Wojcicki, VP, Product Management, wrote about the acquisition at the official Google blog.

There’s also a FAQ that includes this answer to the why question: “Google believes that feed-based content and advertising is a developing space where we can add value for users, advertisers and publishers. FeedBurner’s technology and talented team are a great addition to Google’s current solutions for advertisers and publishers.”

Google Acquires FeedBurner 2

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