Stunning Aerial View Of The Google Solar Panel Project (2007)

Google's Solar Panel Project Produces Enough Electricity to Power Approximately 1,000 California Homes

Google's Green Energy Czar Bill Weih Inspecting Solar Panels
Google's Green Energy Czar Bill Weih Inspecting Solar Panels

In October 2006, Google announced a commitment to solar energy production and launched the largest solar panel installation to date on a corporate campus in the United States. Less than a year later, the company has made good on its commitment with the Google Solar Panel Project. As of June 2007, Google has installed over 90% of the 9,212 solar panels that comprise the 1,600-kilowatt project.

google solar
Panels cover the rooftops of eight buildings and two newly constructed solar carports at the Googleplex.

Google Solar Panel Project: Power Estimates

The Google Solar Panel Project installation is projected to produce enough electricity for approximately 1,000 California homes or 30% of Google’s peak electricity demand in their solar-powered buildings at their Mountain View, CA headquarters. In just the last 24 hours, Google produced 6,783 kilowatt-hours of electricity from the sun. Hopefully, more companies follow Google’s example and demonstrate a commitment to clean and renewable energy solutions.

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