13 Real-Life Las Vegas Bank Robberies and Scandals

Las Vegas Sign

Danny Ocean & Co. are back at it, this time taking Las Vegas by storm once again. In 2001’s Ocean’s 11, we saw the crew take out not one but three Las Vegas casinos at one time — the MGM, The Bellagio, and The Mirage. In Ocean’s 12, the team heads across the pond to pull off another heist. This time, to dismal reviews, they were after the world’s oldest stock certificate, issued by Dutch East India Company in 1602. This Friday, June 8th, they’re back in Vegas.

To celebrate the release of Ocean’s 13, we decided to cast the special effects and clever screenwriting aside to find the less-than-glamorous inspiration for Hollywood heists. From actual casino jobs in Vegas to East Coast bull semen robberies, here are real Las Vegas casino heists that really happened — one for each of Ocean’s crew.

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