New Street View Feature In Google Maps

Google Maps is the most popular online mapping service in the world, and it is adding new features for you. Google has launched the Street View, a new Google Map service that provides web users 360-degree, navigable photographic views of selected locations/streets. Besides, Google also announced a tool for independent software developers, the Mapplets. The Mapplets is a special flavor of a Google gadget that can embed Google Maps mashups in any web page. It can display a variety of information such as real estate listings and crime data as well as ways to measure distances between different points on the map.

New Street View Feature In Google Maps 1

“With Street View users can virtually walk the streets of a city, check out a restaurant before arriving, and even zoom in on bus stops and street signs to make travel plans,” said John Hanke, director of Google Earth and Maps. This new feature in Google Maps is really useful and cool, hope that it will show more streets in near future!”

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