Perez Hilton blog having problems

    Perez Hilton blog having problems 1In what may be the first hit against bloggerazzi star Perez Hilton’s empire, his main webhost has dropped
    After numerous warnings against Hilton’s (aka Mario Lavandeira) use of copyrighted celebrity images, the Oz-based Crucial Paradigm took the site off line; it was dark for a number of hours before it returned to the Internet with a different host.

    Hilton is currently named in four lawsuits involving eight photo agencies for his alleged theft of photographs that appear on his site, one that’s been a popular gossip destination for some 2½ years. Hilton frequently adds his own captions to the shots.

    “One of the things the (Crucial) administrator in Sydney had told us the day before was if they received any more notices — any claim of copyright infringement — the site is coming down immediately,” said Matt Lum, owner of Hoodlum Productions, the L.A.-based company that manages Hilton’s site. “The action was taken, in my opinion, to insure Crucial some sort of proof if they were sued, some way to protect themselves.”

    Crucial Paradigm had no comment on the action.

    Hilton’s site is up and running, albeit on less than full power.

    “He has a skeleton or temporary situation where he can still post,” Lum explained. “It has limited inter-activity, his archives are not there and things like that. We’ve enabled him to continue to do what he does to a limited degree until we can figure how to handle the larger situation.”

    Perez Hilton blog having problems 2

    [Via Variety]