StumblePorn – StumbleUpon For Porn?!

StumblePorn [logo]

StumblePorn - StumbleUpon for Porn [review]A new toolbar is now available for Firefox users, and it will help you find Porn. StumblePorn is a new service that will let you “stumble upon” the best, user-rated porn sites on the web. I’ll admit I didn’t install this one to try it out, but it appears to work just like the bookmarking site it’s taken stolen its name from, StumbleUpon. You can choose, very precisely, what kind of content you’d like to find, what stars you’re looking for (ie. Sunset Thomas) and it leverages community contributions to help you get the best results.

There is an ineffective age verification point included in the sign up, but the site, should it get popular, is likely to be sued for reasons other than not having a more useful age verification system installed. I’m sure StumbleUpon, which was recently acquired by eBay, will be less than thrilled about the name this service has chosen. An Internet Explorer toolbar extension is scheduled to be available in the near future.

In related news, YouPorn is continuing to gain steam as a community filled with user-generated content, along with the rest, Pornhorneo and PornoTube.


UPDATE: Looks like they’ve been shutdown. MethodShop found this note on the StumblePorn homepage.

Dear StumblePorn users,

We (the owners) have received a letter from a large law firm from Silicon Valley demanding that we cease our operation to bring you some of the best tools to help you on your discovery to great porn on marks of Trademark violations.

It is with great regret that we have to close our website down due to these legal threats but it appears we have no other option at this point in time.

This notice is in effect immediately and all access to our site will result in a return to this message.

Your data is safe, your personalised preferences are safe and nothing data related has been destroyed.

We cannot make comment at this point as to whether we will be returning or not as we are currently seeking legal aid from professionals in the UK.

We are very sorry for this and hope you can satisfy your needs with some of the other great porn sites around the internet.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me personally at [email protected]

regards, Shaun Cowley