Keep Your Coworkers Happy With This Japanese USB Fart Fan

Chances are, you have at least one coworker with a tendency to “let one go” at the office. Hopefully, you don’t work in a cramped cubicle farm. It’s not exactly a fun time. Especially when your fart “lingers” and someone has to overkill the room with Axe Body Spray.

Office Chair Fart Fan

Honestly, we all blow hot air from time-to-time… whether it be talking smack to our boss about how busy we are, or literally blowing hot air after a big Mexican lunch. In the latter case, it’s good to know we have back up from the good folks at Thanko and their USB Fart Fan.

USB Fart Fan
She looks pretty happy. We wonder what she ate for lunch.

The Thanko USB seat vent is designed to cool off that hot seat of yours while increasing air flow to the immediate area. Greg at proudly filed this under useless USB gadgets.

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