Video games coming from Dunder Mifflin

    Video games coming from Dunder Mifflin 1Publisher MumboJumbo has entered into a multiyear relationship with the Universal Pictures Digital Platforms Group to develop mass-market games based on the NBC series “The Office.”

    Developed and published exclusively by MumboJumbo, “The Office” game will debut in the fall as a PC game sold at retail and available as an online digital download. Next year, the plan is to create additional games based on “The Office” license beginning with portable experiences for the Nintendo DS and PlayStation Portable.

    MumboJumbo CEO Mark Cottam said the company is exploring additional avenues for games based on the Emmy-winning series, including digital distribution via Microsoft’s Xbox Live Arcade and Sony’s PlayStation Network Platform.

    “We looked at the broad demographic that ‘The Office’ attracts and see this as a TV property that’s growing in popularity,” Cottam said. “We believe this is a property we can build a franchise around with multiple games across multiple devices for many years to come.”

    Mike Suarez, vp product development at MumboJumbo, said the first “Office” game would be classified as a task-management game like “Diner Dash.” Players will assume the role of Jim Halpert (John Krasinski in the show) and interact with such other characters as Pam Beesly (Jenna Fischer) and Michael Scott (Steve Carell).

    Video games coming from Dunder Mifflin 2

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