Hot List 2007

Hot List 2007 1TelevisionWeek’s 2007 Hot List, as selected by the magazine’s editors and reporters, again covers a wide range of job descriptions. The 10 movers and shakers we spotlight in this issue — all age 35 or under — come from industry segments as diverse as development and advertising, news and comedy, network executives and online entrepreneurs, agents and on-screen talent. But they all have at least two things in common: All have made an impact on the business, and all can be expected to continue to make things happen.

They were selected for this year’s Hot List because we think each of them will have something to say about the future of the media. Here is a look at what these 10 rising stars have done so far — and what to watch for from them in the years to come.

Josh Barry, ABC

Sean Cohan, A&E

Janus Friis, Joost

Alexis Glick, Fox Business Channel

Chris Grant, Reveille

Silvio Horta, ‘Ugly Betty’

Ron Lamprecht, NBC Universal

Maria Menounos, ‘Access Hollywood’

Katherine Pope, Universal Media Studios

Andrea Ross, Agent

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Hot List 2007 2

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