Viacom and DreamWorks abandon Blu-Ray

    Viacom’s Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks Animation SKG announced they are abandoning Sony’s HD Blu-ray format and will instead only release high definition DVDs in the competing HD DVD format. The decision is quite a reversal for Blue-ray, which had been outselling HD DVDs in the U.S. and Europe by 2 to 1 according to reports.

    Viacom and DreamWorks abandon Blu-Ray 1

    The format war ­ reminiscent of the fight between Betamax and VHS – has been blamed for slowing adoption of high definition discs. But it will likely continue to drag on as Sony, Disney and Fox remain in the Blue-ray camp.

    Meanwhile Warner Home Video, which set high definition records this month selling over 250,000 copies of the historical epic 300, will continue to release DVDs in both formats. But hit movies like Transformers, Shrek the Third and Blades of Glory will only be availible in HD DVD when they debut this holiday season.

    Via methodshop