FOX, CBS show iTunes support

FOX, CBS show iTunes support 1NBC may have decided it can launch its new Fall seasons without the help of the iTunes store, but it appears the other networks are lining up for some free publicity. This week no fewer than 3 high-profile shows are offering their season premieres on iTunes for free.

FOX is leading the way with 2 shows. First up is the season premiere of Prison Break, their popular prison drama which managed to find a way to get Michael Scofield back behind bars for a 3rd season. Next up is the series premiere of K-Ville, FOX’s highly anticipated police drama set in post-Katrina New Orleans.

FOX, CBS show iTunes support 2

CBS is also on board with the series premiere of The Big Bang Theory, a sitcom that puts two nerds and a hot female neighbor together hoping for some laughs. (Let’s hope they can improve on the secret formula that made Perfect Strangers so popular.)

While The Big Bang Theory may or may not see its 3rd episode, FOX’s show of support is especially encouraging, given the somewhat hard-nosedrecent comments of their President Peter Chernin, regarding their upcoming negotiations with Apple on keeping their content on the iTunes store.

Click here to download Prison Break, K-Ville, and The Big Bang Theory for free.

[Via macenstein]