iPhone Credit Instructions

iPhone Credit Instructions 1Were you one of the thousands of people who bought an iPhone (US) before Apple lowered the price by $200? Steve Jobs announced the iPhone price drop after he introduced the iPod Touch and angered a lot of customers. To placate iPhone owners, Jobs published an open letter on Apple.com where he offered a $100 rebate.

As of last Friday, you can go to Apple.com and apply for the $100 credit but there’s a catch… Much to the dismay of iPhone owners, Apple has released several restrictions on how you can use the credit, who qualifies for it and how long it’s available.

iPhone Credit Instructions 2

I hope you didn’t already have a spending plan for your $100 iPhone credit. The credit can only be used to buy items from Apple’s retail stores or Apple.com. The credit cannot be used to buy Apple gift cards, content on iTunes, or be redeemed for cash.

Not every iPhone owner qualifies for the credit. Any iPhone registered with an address outside the U.S. won’t be eligible. iPhones bought between Aug. 22 and Sept. 4, also aren’t eligible but fall under Apple’s price-protection program until Sept. 19. If you qualify for the credit, go to the iPhone section on Apple.com and click on the $100 credit link on the left side of the page. After you fill out the form, you’ll get a text message coupon on your iPhone that you can redeem.

If you do qualify for the credit, use it fast. The credit offer expires on November 30th.

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