ReplayTV Personal HD Exports Broadcast TV Shows To iPhone (2007)

ReplayTV is not the first to introduce a USB dongle for DVR use, however, they are the first to integrate a format easily playable on Apple hand-held devices like iPhone and iPod touch. The new ReplayTV  Personal HD system enables you to record broadcast TV and export video files to your iPhone or iPod Touch. It’s one of the first systems that bundles both digital ATSC and analog NTSC technology and over-the-air HDTV signals into one USB tuner device. So now all of you TV junkies can overload on addictively pathetic reality TV shows (well, except Survivor).

ReplayTV Personal HD

ReplayTV Personal HD Software Features

The real joy of the USB tuner is the software. The Personal HD specifically supports the transfer of video to a format playable on widescreen iOS handheld devices made by Apple. Not to leave anyone out in the cold, the software can preserve multiple shows at once and even support USB devices from rival companies, such as ATI (AMD) and Pinnacle.

The ReplayTV goodie bag for the Personal HD system includes direct encoding in a 4:3 ratio, intelligent keyword filter system to find shows by cast member names, show IDs or genre. Although the reply system isn’t out just yet, it will be later this fall at the tune of $100.

Via GetUSBinfo