HDTV Customers Want More Programming

    High-definition television set owners are much more satisfied with the picture quality of HD television than they are with the amount or selection of HD programming, according to survey results Nielsen released last Wednesday.

    HDTV Customers Want More Programming 1

    According to Nielsen Media Research’s 2007 High Definition Survey, 85% of HD owners gave a 4 or 5 rating (with 5 meaning “excellent” and 1 meaning “poor”) for picture quality but only 39% provided the same rating for programming selection.

    How would you rate each of the following?

    Response | Picture Quality | HD Selection

    • 5 — EXCELLENT 47.9% /11.7%
    • 4 — ABOVE AVG. 37.4% / 27.5%
    • 3 — AVERAGE 10.3% / 37.6%
    • 2 — BELOW AVG. 1.2% / 13.5%
    • 1 — POOR 2.0% / 7.6%
    • Don’t Know 1.0% / 2.1%

    Women were slightly more positive about HD picture quality than men. There was no difference among cable vs. satellite subscribers. Respondents, in general, were less happy with the actual number of HD channels they receive, as fewer than 40% were somewhat or very satisfied with the amount or selection of HD programming. Women and older respondents—ages 50-plus—were most positive, while those with an HD-DVR unit were least satisfied with the HD channel selection.

    “Nielsen’s High Definition Survey shows that HD technology is outpacing content, although a few networks do score high in consumer satisfaction” said Steve McGowan, Nielsen senior vice president, Client Research Initiatives. “Television owners clearly feel that HD viewing is a more intense experience than standard television and there are early indications that the acquisition of an HD television can, initially at least, stimulate the type of television that is viewed.”

    [Via TV Newsday]