October ’87: Crash & Comeback

    October '87: Crash & Comeback 1Panic. Mayhem. Bankruptcy. And then unprecedented profits. CNBC takes a behind-the-scenes look at the events leading up to “Black Monday” — October 19, 1987, the day the Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeted a stomach-turning 22 percent.

    In dramatic minute-by-minute style, this documentary explores the factors that caused the crash. Key players who share stories about their roles in the day’s events include Alan Greenspan, who had just been appointed Fed chairman; John Phelan, chairman of the New York Stock Exchange; and David Ruder, chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

    CNBC also explores how the crash set the stage for what would eventually turn out to be one of the greatest bull markets in the nation’s history.

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    October '87: Crash & Comeback 2

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