Ryan Ferguson Interview

Ryan Ferguson Interview 1When Ryan Ferguson, singer of the band No Knife, strutted up to the stage to accept a 1999 San Diego Music Award for Best Punk Album, he chided, “Well tonight we officially found out we’re a punk band now.”

Anyone who knows Ryan’s accomplishments can understand the humor in this. Two years prior, No Knife won an award for Best Rock Album. Then in 2003, they won again, but this time it was for Best Alternative Album. Ryan has since then gone solo, but hasn’t lost any of his momentum. He even won the San Diego Award for Best Pop Album in 2005.

His versatility makes one’s head spin, but Ryan doesn’t place much importance on classifying himself, and maybe we shouldn’t try to either.

Our interview with Ryan was just like his lyrics, honest and articulate. Ryan was very forthcoming and spoke openly about everything from his break with No Knife to his busty friend Candace on MySpace and his freaky cats. Enjoy!

Interview: Ryan Ferguson

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