Writers’ Guild of America Strike Begins

Important message from Marc Chini:

We just received word that the Writers Guild of America, the labor union representing many writers in the television and film industries, has called a strike. This is a disappointing development that will have negative consequences for the industry, our viewers and the economy. There’s never been a time of greater change in our industry. It is imperative that entertainment companies and labor unions do their utmost to work together to keep these businesses viable and competitive in a rapidly evolving marketplace. As always, our goal is to deliver quality content to our viewers across all platforms, and we have taken steps to assure we continue to do so.

We will keep you informed of any significant developments. If you are at a location that will be affected by this job action, please note that logistical information for your location is available on insideNBCU. Monday morning we are launching a red “WGA Strike Update” button on the right side of the homepage. Information accessed through this link will be updated as circumstances warrant.

Read more from TVWeek:

Writers Will Strike Monday

Despite 11th hour attempts to prevent a work stoppage, writers will go on strike tomorrow morning as planned.

Renewed talks between the Writers Guild of America and networks and studios failed to halt the guild’s planned strike, despite the pressure of a federal mediator and a flurry of backchannel efforts.

The strike begins at 12:01 a.m. Monday, with early picket lines expected at key locations. According to the AMPTP, the talks collapsed because the WGA refused to halt their East Coast strike plans.

“Notwithstanding the fact that negotiations were ongoing, the WGA decided to start their strike in New York,” read an AMPTP statement. “When we asked if they would ‘stop the clock’ for the purpose of delaying the strike to allow negotiations to continue, they refused. We made an attempt at meeting them in a number of their key areas including Internet streaming and jurisdiction in New Media. Ultimately, the guild was unwilling to compromise on most of their major demands. It is unfortunate that they choose to take this irresponsible action.”

The WGA had no comment.

Writers' Guild of America Strike Begins 1

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