The Batmobile From Batman Forever Sold For Only $297,000


The Batmobile from Batman Forever just sold for only $297,000. It cost Warner Bros. $2,800,000 to create Batman’s Batmobile car for the 1995 film. So why did the Batmobile sell so cheaply? It’s a bad deal. Here’s why.

Over the years, there have been several variations of Batman. And with each variation, there’s usually a new Batmobile. This month, some lucky people got a chance to own the Batmobile from the 1995 film, “Batman Forever,” starring Val Kilmer, Tommy Lee Jones, Jim Carrey, and Nicole Kidman. Warner Bros sold the vehicle at RM Auctions.

And the new owner got the Batmobile from Batman Forever for a steal. Although it was estimated to sell for $800,000, the buyer only paid $297,000. It still sounds like a lot but that’s only a fraction of the $2,800,000 it costs to make ($2.5M for the mold, plus extra $300,000 for completion).

Why Buying The Batmobile From Batman Forever Is A Bad Idea

Sounds like a great deal right? Maybe not. As with any big Hollywood or TV production, there are usually multiple versions of any featured vehicle. This Batmobile isn’t an exception. This Batmobile isn’t the actual car that was used during the filming of Batman Forever, but a promotional vehicle used at marketing events.

Also, Warner Bros is imposing an agreement on anyone who owns the Batmobile which forbids the buyer to use it on public roads among other things. Hopefully, the buyer has a big driveway. That’s not the only restriction. Here’s the full Warner Bros agreement:

1. The Batmobile may only be exhibited at the purchaser’s permanent location and at auto shows conducted at parks, schools and other similar public places but not at shopping malls, markets, department stores or commercial locations.

2. The Batmobile may only be exhibited in a stationary state and must be mechanically unable to be driven while on display to the general public and must comply with applicable fire codes.

3. The Batmobile may be driven solely when necessary for maintenance purposes and may never be driven while in public view.

4. No modifications, alternations or cosmetic changes of any kind can be made to the Batmobile nor can the Batmobile be reproduced in any way.

5. The Batmobile shall not be licensed, leased or otherwise made available to any third party for any reason.

6. The Batmobile may not be used, referred to, photographed or depicted in any advertisement, endorsement or promotion of any commercial establishment, product or service of any kind.

7. The Batmobile may not be sold, transferred, leased or disposed of without prior written approval from Warner Bros. Consumer Products.

The Batmobile From Batman Forever Is A Bad Investment

What do you think? Was the promotional Batmobile from “Batman Forever” worth $300,000 regardless of all the restrictions? Please leave a comment below.

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