Green Gift Guide- Gifts that Give Back

    It’s easy to get “wrapped up” in the holiday gift giving (and receiving) spirit. The holidays are about giving to those you love, so why not extend that tradition with one of these gifts that give back, which will benefit not just your loved ones but millions of others around the world. Here are some great choices, from trees to magazines to solar-powered flashlights – even jewelry – all of which give back to global citizens in need.

    Green Gift Guide- Gifts that Give Back 1

    Adopt an animal from the World Wildlife Fund, and you will get a cute plush toy version of your animal. Every donation you make to WWF helps save some of the world’s most endangered animals from extinction and supports WWF’s conservation efforts. We think this is a fabulous way to encourage conservation efforts, by encouraging a love of animals in children! And if you can’t think of a good benefactor for your stuffed owl, wolf, chimpanzee or polar bear, you can donate your stuffed toy to a needy child, with WWF’s toys for tots program.

    Green Gift Guide- Gifts that Give Back 2

    Give the gift of a tree this holiday season, and encourage family and friends to nurture Christmas trees (instead of chopping them down year after year as tradition goes). Trees, as you all know, give back to us by filtering CO2 out of the air and producing oxygen. With a little care, you can watch this baby Christmas tree grow each year from a mere seedling to a majestic Noble Fir.

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