Apple and Jay-Z Launching Record Label

Apple and Jay-Z Launching Record Label 1Forget all the hype around iTunes movie rentals. Looks like something even bigger will get announced at MacWorld this year.

According to the rumors buzzing around the Interweb, Apple is launching a record label with Jay-Z, who’s set to step down from Def Jam once his employment contract with Universal Music Group expires. Jay-Z has one more album left in his current contract with UMG. I wonder if he could just push out a quick greatest hits album?

Does that mean there might be another Apple vs. Apple lawsuit in the works? Not so fast. The last settlement between Apple, Inc. and Apple, Corps (The Beatles’ record label), gave Apple, Inc. all rights to the name “Apple.” Apple Corp. now licenses the right to use “Apple” from Apple, Inc.

Maybe now the RIAA will just lay down in the grave they dug for themselves during the Napster era and die already.

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