Sony Style USB Turntable

I’m not exactly sure why Sony is getting into the USB Turntable business but they’ve taken a stab at getting our interest. The PS-LX300USB looks similar to another product we’ve talked about before (ION’s version) but I see some notable differences.

minted methodshop

The Sony version has a belt drive motor for reduced noise along with providing some added rotational stability. The unit also carries a diamond stylus for precise tracking and low record wear.

The turntable has playback speeds for either 33 1/3 or 45 rpm, so anything you’ve got stashed away should play on the LX300USB. Sony bundles the Sound Forge Audio Studio software to aid in the vinyl to MP3 conversion.

The unit will become available sometime in April for about $150, but if you’re chomping-at-the-bit for some vinyl to MP3, the ION Audio version is available now for about the same price.