20 Free Fixes for Common iPod and iPhone Problems

20 Free Fixes for Common iPod and iPhone Problems 1Is your iPod acting funny? Has a virus or hard drive crash wiped out your entire music collection on your computer? Need some free iPod tech support and repair help?

Here are 20 free fixes and trouble shooting tutorials for common iPod and iPhone problems.

You broke your iPod. Now fix it!

  1. How to Copy Music Off Your iPod
  2. How to Use the iPod Diagnostic Mode
  3. “Do Not Disconnect” Mesage Won’t Go Away
  4. How to Erase Your iPod and Fix Most Problems
  5. iPod Icons: What is Your iPod Saying
  6. iPod LCD Screen Problems
  7. Skipping Music on Your iPod
  8. Restart a Frozen iPod
  9. How to Rename Your iPod
  10. My iPod’s Battery Won’t Charge
  11. My Music Disappeared
  12. How to Delete Duplicate Songs in Your iTunes Library
  13. Importing Tips for iTunes
  14. How to Join or Merge Tracks in iTunes
  15. How to Convert Audio Files in iTunes
  16. Put Your iPod Into Disk Mode
  17. iPod Won’t Mount or Update
  18. Using Multiple iPods on One Computer
  19. I Dropped My iPod in the Toilet (or any other boy of water)
  20. How to Assign Your iPod to Microsoft Drive Letter “i”

20 Free Fixes for Common iPod and iPhone Problems 2

Good luck! If you didn’t find what you were looking for, there are more iPod Support articles available. And if all else fails, then try an Overnight iPod Repair Service.