This fish with human teeth was caught in Lubbock, Texas and has everyone on the Internet freaking out. And it’s easy to understand why. It’s not every day that you see a fish with human teeth. Is this a human-fish hybrid? Are fish mutating? Read on to find out.

Fish With Human Teeth: Pacu & Sheepshead Fish

Different types of fish have different types of teeth. Some fish have big sharp teeth, like sharks. Some don’t have any teeth at all, like Goldfish. and some fish like the Sheepshead fish and Pacu have human-like teeth. This isn’t any weird mutation or freaky science experiment. These teeth are 100% normal.

Sheepshead Fish Teeth

Fish with Human Teeth

Although not very common, Sheepshead fish are native to the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic coast of the United States. So when they are unexpectedly caught, the Sheepshead fish teeth usually catch people off-guard.

If you ever encounter one of these fish, do NOT put your fingers anywhere near their mouths. Sheepshead fish teeth are so strong that they can bite a metal fishhook in half. In addition to their row of teeth along the outside of their mouth, the roof and bottom of their mouth are also covered with teeth. They use these ultra-strong teeth to crush open hard-shelled sea creatures like crabs, clams, and oysters.

Sheepshead Fish Teeth
Image via HoldMyBeaker

Pacu Teeth

Another fish that’s famous for its human-like teeth is the Pacu. Normally native to South America, the Pacu has been either introduced or migrated to other areas including France and Papua New Guinea. Although the Pacu is related to Piranha, they are mostly vegetarian. Pacu is also much larger than their Piranha cousins. An adult Pacu can weight as much as 88 lbs.

Weird Fish With Human Teeth

It’s hard to deny that fish with human teeth look a little creepy. But rest assured, these fish are normal and not freaks of nature. But one thing is for sure, a few of these fish need to visit a dentist and get some braces.

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