Kid Trapped Inside Claw Machine [video]

Kid Trapped Inside Claw Machine Ever play one of those Lucky Dip or “claw” games before? It’s a game of chance commonly found in arcades or family restaurants. You use a joystick to maneuver a claw into position and then drop it and hope the claw grabs a prize. As a child, you probably wished you could reach your hand inside the machine and grab the toy you wanted right? Well this Australian kid managed to not only slip his hand inside… but his entire body.

When the kid dug his way to the surface of all the stuffed animals he must have been excited. But that joy obviously turned to horror we he realized he was trapped. As you can see from the video, the kid is obviously terrified. Here’s a video of the claw incident from Australia’s Channel 9 news.

In the video, the reporter says security staff had to “dismantle” the Lucky Dip to get the boy out. Actually that statement was a little over-hyped. To “dismantle” the machine, all the security staff did was use a key and open the glass window. After all, how do you think they put more prizes inside the Lucky Dip? Have a little boy crawl in with a sack of stuffed animals?.