3 Examples Of Inappropriate Sexy Teachers On Facebook

Teachers are going wild on Facebook. They are posting sexual innuendos, sexy photos, and a lot of sexual objectification and drunk party photos.

Teachers and their spouses are going wild on Facebook. The Washington Post published a great article about young teachers on Facebook and their inappropriate profiles. The Post found some questionable profiles and shared several posts full of sexual innuendos, sexy photos, a talking sperm cartoon, strange tips like ‘Don’t smoke crack while pregnant’ and a lot of sexual objectification and drunk party photos.

How To Find Wild Teachers On Facebook

How do you find these “wild teacher” profiles on Facebook? It’s easy.

  1. Log on to Facebook.
  2. Join your local neighborhood/city network.
  3. Search Facebook for the name of your local school system.
  4. Then sit back and “watch the public profiles of 20-something teachers unfurl like gift wrap on the screen, revealing a sense of humor that can be overtly sarcastic or unintentionally unprofessional — or both.”

Examples Of Wild Teachers On Facebook

Here are a few examples of teachers being a little too wild on Facebook. This is especially problematic when they are Facebook “friends” with parents, colleagues, and students.

1Not Understanding The Difference Between A Public And Private Post

A teacher’s wife accidentally posted a sexy photo publicly on Facebook. The teacher accepted friend requests from several students and they were able to see the photo and comment on it.

2Not Realizing That Your “Likes” Activity Is Public

An unfortunate combination of two Facebook Page “Likes” for a teacher.

3Getting Ready For The Evening In The School Locker Room And Then Publicly Posting A Very Sexy Photo

“I hope this means you went easy on us while grading our vocab tests… Also, I think I speak for the rest of the class when I say its cool if we probably don’t make eye contact after this. Nice dress. See you tomorrow.”

Are The Teachers To Blame?

So who is in the wrong here? Are the young teachers naive to the fact that their students, parents and school administrators can see their Facebook profiles? Or are we wrong for holding teachers to a higher standard than the average Facebook user?

Some American states including Florida, Colorado, Tennessee, and Massachusetts have banned teachers from having public profiles on MySpace and Facebook. And teachers unions have started warning their members of the dangers of having a racy social network presence.

The teacher’s unions might want to add Flickr to its caution list. A quick Flickr search for key phrases like “sexy teacher” and “sexy teachers” introduced us to Jennifer. She’s a teacher in Taipei who wants to be a model.


Privacy Preferences On Facebook

Here’s an easy solution for everyone. If you are a teacher, then edit your privacy settings. Don’t allow everyone in a Facebook network to see your full profile. Anyone can join your local city/town network and see your profile. Or take advantage of Facebook’s “Limited Profile” feature. It only takes a few seconds to edit your privacy preferences and it could save your job.

Facebook Privacy
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