minted methodshopNeil Young is now the poster boy for Sun Microsystem’s Java On2 interactive Blu-ray DVD technology. Young made the announcement on stage with Sun Microsystems CEO Jonathan Schwartz yesterday at the Sun Microsystems Java One Conference in San Francisco.

Neil Young Blu-Ray Content

Young plans to release his entire music catalog on Blu-ray, beginning with a 10-disc set containing his recordings from ’63 to ’72. Fans with a broadband connection and the latest Java-capable Blu-ray players will be able to download lyrics, photos, tour info and additional songs.

Wait, Has Young Gone Corporate?!

Some hardcore Neil Young fans may find it difficult to see him on stage making deals and announcements with corporate CEOs. Most of the songs on Young’s 1988 album “This Note’s for You” centered around the commercialism of rock and roll, and tours in particular (the title track is a social commentary on concert sponsorship). Will we see Sun and Blu-ray sponsoring Young’s next tour?

Other Artists Support Blu-ray

The Blu-ray camp made a huge score by wooing Young. Artists such as AC/DC, The Band, and Bruce Springsteen have all released HD concert videos on Blu-ray discs, but Young’s support of Sun’s On2 technology gives Blu-ray new revenue opportunities and solidifies Blu-ray as a music medium.

No word yet if Young plans on remaking one of his classic songs “Keep on Rockin’ in the Free World” to “Keep on Rockin’ in the Blu-ray DVD World.”

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