‘Seinfeld’ 10 years later

    On May 14, 1998: There were riots in Indonesia. The Dow had made up for some losses. Continental slashed airfares. And later that night, Frank Sinatra died at 82.

    But for most of us — at least the 79 million people who watched 10 years ago to the day — one memory endures. A perfect storm of hype and unmet expectations, NBC’s “SEINFELD” finale remains a watershed moment in popular culture.

    'Seinfeld' 10 years later 1

    The show was often an indisputably great situation comedy and, as the years wore on, continued to wear well — a welcome fate denied other titans in the quest of rerun eternity (such as, say, “FRIENDS”).

    While “Seinfeld” is forever trapped in TV amber, the lives of the principles are not. Here’s what has happened to our four heroes (and the rest of the cast) over the years.

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