Top 10 workspaces

    Top 10 workspaces 1

    What makes for an appealing workspace? The envelopes they leave in your mailbox every two weeks. But after that, it comes down to design and amenities. Also, we like windows and brick. Lots and lots of brick. After spending some time on Office Snapshots, we present the ten best-looking offices in tech, below.

    They like right angles and clean surfaces at Austin-based interactive agency Tocquigny’s offices. We do too:

    Top 10 workspaces 2

    Pixar’s Emeryville headquarters look like a set from one of their movies, except the humans look real.”

    Top 10 workspaces 3

    And then there’s the free snack station at IAC. Anyone want to vote for this at the NBC Agency 😉 ?

    Top 10 workspaces 4

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