Was the 3G iPhone a Letdown

Was the 3G iPhone a Letdown 1In case you’ve been living under a rock, Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced the new 3G iPhone during his keynote speech at the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) this week.

The iPhone 3G announcement had the blogosphere buzzing with both excitement and disappointment the past few days. While many people are excited for the iPhone 3G, there are plenty of bloggers lamenting about missing features that they feel were unaddressed.

Here’s a roundup of the most popular features that still remain on our collective “iPhone Wishlist”:

  • Physical keyboard – What the BlackBerry lacks in style and interface, it makes up for by having a physical keyboard. It’s tough to type out a company memo on the iPhone’s touchscreen keyboard.
  • User-swappable battery – This complaint goes back to the first iPod.
  • Copy-and-paste function – It’s hard to believe that this “feature” was overlooked.
  • Memory card slot – Many people use their iPhones as cameras. A card slot would be very useful.
  • Bluetooth stereo audio – Most of the new 3G phones have this feature. Personally I’m tired of tangled headphone cables and ready to go wireless.
  • MMS – MMS is the ability to send photos, video, and audio directly to other cellphones. Most modern phones added this feature years ago. Why was it left out of the new iPhone?
  • Video recording – There are several applications for Jailbroken iPhones that use the still camera to record video. It would have been pretty easy for Apple to implement this feature. Again, not sure why they left it out.
  • Video Chat – One of the most popular rumors about the new 3G iPhone, was it would have a built-in video chat feature that would allow you to video chat with other iPhones or even computers with webcams.

The last item on the list, the video chat rumor, was the thing that had most bloggers complaining. Many blogs (including MethodShop.com), were reporting on the rumor and many people were excited to conduct mobile phone video chats like Dick Tracy’s watch.

Were you hoping for more features?

Was the 3G iPhone a Letdown 2