Interview with Cat Loving Superhero Hellboy

    Interview with Cat Loving Superhero Hellboy 1They call him Hellboy (real name Anung Un Rama). He’s the toughest, feline-loving superhero on the planet. Feared and misunderstood by the public because of his demonic looks — he’s really one of the good guys.

    Deep down he’s just a regular working stiff like the rest of us – that is if you happen to be virtually indestructible, have a girlfriend who can burst into flames and battle evil forces with the fate of the world at stake. caught up with Hellboy at his secret bunker apartment at the Bureau for Paranormal Research & Development where he lives with his girlfriend Liz and 50 pet cats.

    PETSIDE: To be honest Hellboy, you don’t look like a cat person.

    HELLBOY: Seriously what does a cat person look like? Abraham Lincoln was a cat person, and Cameron Diaz and Snoop Dog are cat people too. I don’t see a big family resemblance in any of them. I may look like a devil, but that doesn’t mean I ain’t cuddly on the inside.

    PETSIDE: Point well taken, let me rephrase the question – why cats?

    HELLBOY: I can relate to them. They’re independent, mysterious, strong, smart, fearless, loyal and equal parts good and evil. And they clean up after themselves! No offense to you dog lovers, but after kicking evil-demon butt all day to save the world – the last thing I want to do is walk my pet and scoop his poop in a plastic baggie.

    PETSIDE: But why so many?

    HELLBOY: I started out with only a few – and then I turned my head for a minute and BAM — there were 50. That’s the thing about cats – they’re lovers and fighters – kinda like me. So here’s a big Hellboy helpful hint — have them sprayed or neutered early. I used to think it was unfair to them now I think it’s just the opposite.

    PETSIDE: What’s your favorite breed?

    HELLBOY: Easy — the Sphinx. They’re bald and ugly but were once worshipped as gods – I can relate.

    PETSIDE: Is your girlfriend Liz a cat person?

    HELLBOY: She was, but that was before she moved in with me and my cat herd. You tend to lose that loving feeling when you’re picking furballs out of your toothbrush every morning.

    PETSIDE: What do you normally feed them?

    HELLBOY: Well, since they don’t let me out in public, it’s a little hard to get to a supermarket so I keep it pretty basic — fish and chicken mostly and there are plenty of mice and vermin to snack on. And on special occasions only – a troll or ogre — because they’re very high in cholesterol.

    PETSIDE: Seriously?

    HELLBOY:No – gotcha! They’re actually low in cholesterol.

    PETSIDE: Any last words of wisdom for our readers?

    HELLBOY: Grab life by the horns. I used to…when I had ’em.

    Interview with Cat Loving Superhero Hellboy 2

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