Why the iPhone Makes Some Women Angry

Why the iPhone Makes Some Women Angry 1One of the coolest features of Apple’s iPhone is the mutitouch capable screen. From navigating menus to interacting with features like Google Maps, using the iPhone’s multitouch screen isn’t just easy, but it’s fun.

When the iPhone first debuted, some users complained that their fingers were too fat to use the touchscreen. But those cries quickly faded as users got more practice with the mobile phone’s interface.

But now, according to a report from the LA Times, there’s a new group of iPhone users angry at Applewomen with long fingernails. Why? Well, since the iPhone’s touchscreen only responds to electrical charges emitted by your bare fingertips, women with long nails aren’t able to effectively use the iPhone’s touchscreen.

Erica Watson-Currie, who was interviewed for the LA Times article, even went so far as to call Apple ‘misogynistic’ because they didn’t include a stylus for women with long fingernails. Erica gave the LA Times this quote for their article: “Considering ergonomics and user studies indicating men and women use their fingers and nails differently, why does Apple persist in this misogyny?”

Should every manufacturer change the design of their products to accommodate users with long nails, or should people with long nails learn to work around this problem like they have in the past?

Why the iPhone Makes Some Women Angry 2
Is Apple being unfair to women with long fingernails?

How do other women feel about this? Is Apple being misogynistic with the design of the iPhone?

Mary, a Production Assistant in the television industry says: “I’ll admit, I’ve had fake nails before and know from experience how difficult they can be. I couldn’t type as fast, I lost my ability to speed text, I couldn’t even turn on a lamp without fumbling. So I made the obvious choice. I took the stupid things off and stopped blaming the world for not catering to my vanity. I suggest women who have a problem using the iPhone do the same.”

Libby, a Senior Associate at a non-profit in New York City, finds this complaint ridiculous. She told MethodShop.com that “…this whole fingernail complaint is asinine. When I hear that other women are complaining about the iPhone’s interface because they have fancy long fingernails, it makes me dizzy. What’s next? Should the military make fingernail friendly assault rifles so women can look gorgeous on the battlefield. Shut up and cut off your tacky nails already. And stop giving idiotic quotes to the LA Times. You are an embarrassment to women everywhere.”

Apple launches its vastly improved 3G iPhone ($199) on July 11, 2008.