Women's Murder Club: Death in Scarlet Walkthrough

A new wave of fear descends upon San Francisco in the video game Women’s Murder Club: Death in Scarlet. Based off the best selling novels by James Patterson (and TV series), Women’s Murder Club Death in Scarlet is a fun murder mystery game that gets you instantly hooked.

In this dramatic interactive seek-and-find adventure, you become the detective, medical examiner, and journalist as you seek to stop a killer and expose the truth. Find hidden objects inside 9 investigations, brain-bending puzzles, strikingly-beautiful artwork, and an all-new original Patterson spine-tingling storyline that will have you racing to discover the killer.

Death in Scarlet Game Walkthrough

Are you completely stuck? Don’t worry. Here’s a walkthrough for Women’s Murder Club Death in Scarlet for all 9 investigations.


Golden Gate Bridge:

  • Find all the items: Cigarette pack, cork, lighter, apple, twig.
  • Examine the body in order. Face, legs, chest. Click again on the chest in order to take a photo of the tattoo for evidence.
  • Proceed to the right glowing area and click to open the screen. You’ll find a crab avoiding you.
  • To catch the crab, use your inventory items to fill in the holes. For example, Apple into the round hole, lighter into the square, etc. You’ll be able to tell by the item shape and hole shape which goes where.
  • Use the twig to poke the crab and it will drop an item. It’s an earring. Click on it to pick it up.
Women's Murder Club Death in Scarlet: Tattoo
Death In Scarlet: Tattoo from Investigation #1

Police Station:

  • Enter the Police Station.
  • Find items.
  • Go see the coroner.
  • Examine the body as before: face, chest, and legs.
  • Check the hand. Use the brush, and brush dirt from hand until it shows the tattoo.
  • Take the roller and roll over fingers. Now you have a fingerprint sheet in inventory.


  • Collect items: 5 brown bottles, eyedropper, and petri dish.
  • Go to the glowing computer. There is a shelf of bottles. Click on it for a closer look.
  • Arrange the bottles in order. They change each time so I am unable to assist here. Once right, you will get a notification that says “they are in the correct order”.
  • Click on each bottle in their order. After the 1st bottle is on the desk, pick up the dropper and click it on the bottle. Then drop the contents into the petri dish. Check them off in the highlighted row on the computer screen.
  • Repeat with each bottle. Then when all 5 are done, click on the “Submit” button.

Police Station:

  • Go to the computer and click on it. You need to fill out your reports. Click on Victim ID Report.
  • Click on Check Prints.
  • Use the fingerprints from your inventory and lay them over the computer screen to input. Click submit. None found.
  • Go back, click check missing persons. Check off: Female, Asian, 20’s, black hair, brown eyes, 100-150 pounds, 5’2″). Submit. No match found.


Crime Scene: Fishing Boat

  • Find items.
  • Examine the body: face, legs, chest.
  • Get a picture of markings on the chest.
  • Go to the glowing net. It’s a puzzle. Click on the ropes in order to remove them, from top to bottom.
  • Keys are exposed, pick them up. They belonged to Jennie Kwong of KNTV news. She’s a TV anchor.
Women's Murder Club Death in Scarlet: Fishing Boat
Investigation #2: The Fishing Boat crime scene.

Police Station:

  • Go to the computer and enter the victim ID.
  • Enter the name Jennie Kwong

Crime Scene: Fishing Boat

  • Coroner examines the body.
  • Pick up the magnifying glass and use on legs.
  • Take inventory plastic bag and use over the blood to collect a sample.


  • Go to Computer, click on bottles that are on shelf and repeat steps as in Investigation #1. I got CDEAB).
  • Return to bottles and repeat all again for the 2nd sample (CABED). Submit = blood type from the pants should be AB+.

Deadlines Coffee Shop:

  • Clear the room and collect the 5 tokens. They are always in the same spots: briefcase, basket, on the counter, on the railing, on the video game.
  • Click on the glowing game. It’s a Wheel of Fortune type game called The Deadlines Challange. Click on the flashy sign to begin.
  • Take a token from your Inventory and place it into the slot. You now have a letter guess that fills in if correct. Some examples that I encountered include Cooking Utensils and US States: Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, California, Utah, and Nebraska.
  • Click on your free coffee ticket.
investigation 3
A game called “The Deadlines Challange” in the coffee shop.


Crime Scene: Hidden Objects only.

Kwong Home Garden: This is a maze where good ole Daddy is avoiding you. So you need to ‘trap’ him in the area that dead ends with the bench. Too do so, walk up to the top via the left outside path, pass through then click to close the TOP Center Gate behind you, close the LEFT side gate, pass through the RIGHT side gate and close behind you. Follow the path to the bottom and close any gates behind you or as you pass. Approach Dad slowly until he scurries away. Then close the gate behind you and the BOTTOM Center gate. Chase him into the bench area. He’ll tell you a name then you may leave. When back where you 1st entered the garden there will be a glowing rose bush. Click on roses, pick up and place all 8 RED bugs onto the orange leaf. The leaf falls away exposing blood. Take a swab and collect a blood sample.

investigation 3

Lab: Go to the computer. Arrange the bottles again. Try evens to odds or vice-versa since they change, I noticed the number after = usually stays the same ) 4,14,-21,10,-7. Repeat your testings as before.

Chronicle Office: Collect objects & the microfiche blocks (which will enter Inventory) Go to Computer and click to reveal storage for blocks. These remain the same: ROWS=Colors (Blue, Pink, Black, Orange, Green), COLUMNS = Category (changes). Pick up the microfiche from the desk and place into the ‘odd slot where there is no other block in the row or column. Place remaining Blocks into their slots. Column Solution=guns, music instruments, hats, medical, transportation. They all light up (flash) as completed correctly in rows/columns. Now go back to computer screen search text #1=judge, # 2=kwongs. Submit = and year. Pick up 1984 from the slot, lay onto the microfiche.

Judges Office: Hidden Objects only


Lin Wongs Office: You should have collected 5 round puzzle pieces now in Inventory. Go/click to open Cabinet (upper Right in the room), click on the razor, swab blood, go back and click on the box on the shelf (lower left in the room). Here you assemble round puzzle pieces. Solution picture= Dragon. You place the piece onto its circle and rotate by clicking until it is the correct placement, you will know when the piece ‘jumps’ out and settles back into the puzzle. When complete, the box opens to reveal cufflinks. Pick them up and continue. Go to desk, click Appointment book, turn the page back by the glowing corner to reveal torn page. Use the pencil to shade over the top 2 lines of the page (August 29th) to reveal an appointment.

Lab: Repeat as done before: Computer, bottles, arrange (I got ACDBE) repeat test = blood type B+

Chronicle Office: Microfiche again, repeat as before. Solution to Columns = weapons, food/drink, kitchen items, flying, toys. Search #1 Donald, #2 Wong = 2002 year.

Coffee Shop: Play the same as before, Solution = Currency

Orphanage: Click the dresser on the left of the room. There are 7 Glass Men you must align. I will try to describe them in order left to right for placement. 1st = (hat) man’s left arm goes up, right arm goes down, 2nd = (no hat) man’s right arm up, left arm down midway, 3rd = (hat) man’s left arm down curved slightly by side, right arm down, 4th = (no hat) man’s left arm bent slightly towards front, right arm about straight down, 5th = (hat) both arms forward, 6th = (no hat) left arm above head, right half extended to front, 7th = (hat) right arm up, left arm down by side. When correct, the picture above dresser glows, click on the flower, continue. Take girls pic and click it over the girl’s glowing picture at top of the staircase.


Crime Scene: Hidden Objects Only

Wong R.E.: Click on the Fax machine, click the START button, Click on the fax when it comes out.

Orphanage: The zodiacs collected (some brownish half fan/triangular shape) will be in Inventory. Go to Bulletin board, click on the glowing ‘staff meeting’. Next, go to the telephone, click on the Dr.’s phone # to pick up. Then go over to old book right of room, click on it and place the zodiacs onto book in relevance: SOLUTION: Staff = Goat, Saddle = horse, Snake Charmer = snake, wizard hat = dragon, magic hat= rabbit, forest = tiger, plow= cow, cheese=rat, football = pig, bone=dog, sunrise= rooster, banana=monkey.

Pier 50: Outside storage container, click on the Chinese symbol. It will reveal nothing special. Manifest on door confirms who it belongs to. 2 glowing objects on the door handle and… nothing. But now there are glowing controls on the crane to right of the screen. Insert the key into controls, click start and the crane hook drops on top of the container unit. This gives probable cause to search.



Police Station: As done before, go to the computer, look up name Dr. Yao. Too many. Go to Phone Number search, insert number.

Yao’s Office: Click Appointment Book, click the name. Get a Go to phone, click the name on speed dial (now in INV).

Police Station: Go to the computer. Look up the phone numbers one at a time.

Movie Theater: Collect the glowing matchbook

Coffee Shop: Back to the game. Solution = Cars. Pick up free ticket again.

Restaurant: Look in the reservations book and click on the name there. Click on the vent in the back of the restaurant on the upper wall. Use the screwdriver to open vent, you will find yourself inside with the working flashlight from INV. You are at the lower left side of the screen and need to make it to the upper right to the Dragon Room. Click in front of you to crawl forward to the 3rd turn on the right, make the 1st left, 1st right, go to the room, read Retrace backward, 1st left, 1st right, 1st left, then use go to the 1st right to make your way to the alley vent exit. Blurb and you’ll see the vent map in full.


Theater: Objects only

Apartment: 20 pieces of paper collected are in your Inventory. The cigar is the specimen. Click on the girl’s photo. Go back and assemble the invitation from INV from the glowing paper on the desk. When placed correctly, the pieces ‘jump’ out and settle back in the correct place.

Office: Hidden Objects Only

Knob Hill Apartment: Tissue on the center table is the needed specimen now in INV. Click on the glowing desktop by window/computer. Place the light bulbs collected in proper rainbow order. If correct, they can’t be removed. Clockwise from red installed bulb=orange, mustard, light mustard, yellow, light green, green, dark green, blue, light purple, purple, violet under the red. They will light up if correct, exposing a key, pick up key. Use the key to open diary. Flip page at glowing corner.

Lab: Computer, bottles too arrange again on the shelf (I got ADBEC), go back to tests, repeat sampling as before, submit. Repeat testing on sample 2 already on the desk, after you arrange bottle again (I got 20,18,16,21,17).



Qian’s Apartment:

  • Examine the body. Take a picture of the chest tattoo.
  • Click on the computer and examine the unfinished email.
  • Look at the bookcase. Cufflinks are in the top left.
  • Junk mail is on the chair. Lower left.

Police Station:

  • Click Computer to input Victim ID Report. Enter the name Qian Gai from the mail. The person is not missing.
  • Exit

Qian’s Apartment:

  • Coroner examines the body.
  • Look at the victims head, legs, chest and tattoo.
  • Use the black light to look for blood. Then swab blood for evidence.
  • The desk should start glowing. Use blacklight on the desk. Use a cotton swab on the green fluids on the desk.


  • Go to the computer. Arrange the bottles (BDCEA). Submit.
  • The substance is nasal mucus. Yum!

Real Estate Office:

  • Click on the fax machine. Press start. Pick up the fax sheet.


  • Find the 9 radiator parts.
  • Click on the incomplete radiator. Use the parts to re-assemble. Pay attention to the colors on the ends of the parts. This is your guide. For example, blue to blue, green to green. When correctly assembled, the radiator will produce steam.
  • Use the letter to lay over the steam. The envelope will open. Click on the letter to read it.

Nob Hill Luxor Apartments:

  • Pick up 5 items.
  • Look in the glowing briefcase on the floor. Click on the Shin Lee application in the back pocket.



Sun Loongs Apartment:

  • Find 11 photo pieces
  • Look at the pile of papers on the right side of the floor.
  • Put paper pieces together.
  • Return to the main scene.
  • Click on the victim. Look at the face and chest.
  • Exit
Death In Scarlet: Photo Puzzle From Investigation #9
Death In Scarlet: Photo Puzzle From Investigation #9

Chronicle Office:

  • Find 25 microfiche items.
  • Click on the computer. Columns = symbols, numbers, letters, animals, painting tools. In search; #1 = Judge Yao #2 = Sun Loong. Submit = the year 2004. Place 2004 on the microfiche.

Coffee Shop:

  • The game again. Solution = Colors.

Judge Yao Office:

  • Click on the glowing drawer to the right of the screen.
  • Click on the cufflinks.
  • Now you have a slide puzzle to do. It will become the shape of a black heart in the center with all the white squares on the outer edges. When done, the box opens to reveal a picture, click on the picture. It will flip over, click again. Go to the bookshelf, Trash under the desk is glowing click on it, use evidence bag to collect tissue from the trash.


  • Computer, test blood again after arranging bottles (DAECB), match the test to the killer’s blood.


Death In Scarlet: Help & Longplay Video

Congratulations on completing Women’s Murder Club: Death in Scarlet! If you have questions or get really stuck, just post a comment here and other Death In Scarlet players can help you. You can also skip to a specific investigation in this long play video to see how to get through it.

NERD NOTE: The game Women’s Murder Club: Death In Scarlet was created by Elephant Entertainment, a division of THQ, Inc. Elephant Entertainment specializes in bringing innovative games and entertainment content to the retail marketplace.

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