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    Website of the Day: 1The Mommy blogosphere officially grew by one yesterday when iVillage’s Momtourage got its own URL. Right now Momtourage is a cleanly organized collection of features geared toward giving practical advice to Moms. It’s meant to be a welcoming haven for mothers to turn to for a sense of community and belonging, says the site’s editor Marissa Rothkops-Bates. Momtourage will rely on staff members from iVillage and a pool of freelancers (including well-known guest bloggers) to fill out the content on the site. iVillage will need to leverage more of its NBCU assets to compete in the competitive Mommy blog space. The overall woman’s category has grown like gangbusters during the last year – up 35% according to comScore, hotter than any other vertical besides politics. And corporate media concerns will always have trouble standing out against unique voices like Heather B. Armstrong’s Dooce, known for her brutal frankness and gleeful political incorrectness.

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