Apple Hints at New Music Products

Apple Hints at New Music Products 1Apple Inc. has scheduled an event for next Tuesday, hinting at forthcoming music products from the company. Apple provided few details, although the event’s invitation shows a silhouette of a dancing man with an iPod and bears the title “Let’s Rock.”

Separately, the Cupertino, Calif., company is working with music-industry partners to develop “interactive albums” for Apple devices such as the iPhone and the iPod touch that will provide liner notes, lyrics, photographs and other extra material to supplement music available on the iTunes Store, a person familiar with the matter said. An interactive album from the band Snow Patrol, to be released in the coming weeks, might be the first such effort.

Next week’s event is likely to be watched closely by Apple investors and fans, who have come to expect slick new products from the company on a regular basis. Apple typically stages an event in late September or early October to introduce new iPods and other consumer products in time for the holiday shopping season. founder, Kevin Rose, posted a video clip on his blog predicting that Apple will announce new iPods, Blu-ray support and a new version of iTunes.

Apple Hints at New Music Products 2



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