Agrr! You don’t have to wait until International Talk Like a Pirate Day every year to talk like a pirate. The next time you are trying to meet someone, try one of these funny pirate pickup lines. Hit the bars and clubs after work and see if one of these dirty pirate pick up lines helps you go home with a mate.

Cheesy Pirate Pick Up Lines

  1. Do yar mind if the parrot watches?
  2. Have ya ever met a strumpet with a bad case of scurvy?
  3. Pull up me skirt and I’ll show ye, me urchin.
  4. Thar must be somethin’ wrong wit’ me eyes, I can’t loot them off ye.
  5. Aye, that is a hornpipe ‘n me pocket and I’m happy to see ya.
  6. Id love to drop anchor in yar lagoon.
  7. Avast, me proud beauty! Wanna know why my roger is so jolly?
  8. I lost me virginity. Can I ‘ave yers?
  9. Ye ‘ave th’ finest pirate booty that I’ve ever laid eye on.
  10. Pardon me, but would ya mind if fired me cannon through your porthole?
  11. How’d ye like t’ scrape th’ barnacles off o’ me rudder?
  12. I lost me parrot. Will ye sleep wit’ me?
  13. Ya know, darlin’, I’m 97% chum free.
  14. Let’s ‘ave a party ‘n invite yer pants t’ come on down.
  15. Well, blow me down.
  16. Let me stick me cannon in your porthole.
  17. Ya certainly put the shiver in me timber!
  18. Do ye ‘ave a mirror in yer pocket ’cause I can see meself in yer pants.
  19. That’s a nice shirt. Can I natter ye out o’ it?
  20. Arrrrrrrrrrrrr, I be about t’ plunder ye Treasure Island.
  21. Me skull and crossbones aren’t the only things I plan on raisin’ tonight!
  22. Ahoy, I be lookin’ fer booty. Mind if the parrot looks around yer chest?
  23. Drop ye panties and prepare to be boarded.
  24. Nice poop deck on ya. Care for a swabbin’?
  25. Wha’ has 36 teeth ‘n holds back th’ Kraken? Me zipper.

More Pick Up Lines

If things like scurvy, Pirates, and parrot watches aren’t your thing, then here are some other types of pick up lines.

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