Sen Dog Interview

Sen Dog Interview 1As one of the frontmen of Cypress Hill, Senen Reyes (aka Sen Dog) has definitely placed his mark on music history. While most hip-hop artists spend more time in high school than making records, in the past 20+ years, Cypress Hill has sold over 17 million albums and released several ten top 10 hits including “How Could I Just Kill a Man,” “Insane In The Brain” and “Rock Superstar.” Cypress Hill was also the first Latino group to have both platinum and multi-platinum albums.

It’s a wonder why it took Sen Dog two decades to release his first solo album titled Diary of a Mad Dog. It’s an album Sen Dog promises Cypress Hill fans will enjoy.

It was our pleasure to chat with Sen Dog about the future of Cypress Hill, his first solo album and the unfortunate heart attack he suffered while working on it.

Interview: Sen Dog from Cypress Hill