Got a lot of free time on your hands? We’re talking at least 12 hours. Are you a huge Star Wars fan? Yes? Then this LEGO Millennium Falcon from the Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon set is for you!

24.2 Pounds Of LEGO Millennium Falcon?!

This LEGO version of the Millennium Falcon, Han Solo‘s famous smuggling starship, was designed to scale based on the size of LEGO people. The end result is a model almost 3 feet long. After assembly, the model measures (in inches): 33.1 (L) x 22.2 ( W) x 8.3 (H). This limited edition 5,195 piece LEGO set weighs 24.2 pounds and is one of the largest set ever sold by the company. It can be yours for only costs $499. That might sound expensive now, but years from now it will probably sell for over $3,000.

The Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon also features rotating laser turrets, radar dish, retractable boarding ramp and can instantly scare away any dates you bring home with you.

Via methodshop