When someone says “trains,” you probably think of non-modern things like the Wild West, Jesse James and drunken boxcar hobos, not the iPhone, right? Well, not if Amtrak can help it. Amtrak is now available on your smartphone.

App Vs Mobile Web Site

According to an Amtrak press release, the company now has an “iPhone App.” After unsuccessfully searching for the Amtrak App in the iTunes App Store, we quickly realized that the Amtrak App isn’t an “App,” like an iTunes App Store “App,” but a “Web App” (aka an iPhone compatible web page). The Amtrak press release probably should have said they made an “iPhone optimized mobile site” and not an “App” for the iTunes App Store, but you have to at least give Amtrak credit for trying.

Amtrak iPhone App

Features of The Amtrak App

The Amtrak iPhone “Web App” enables mobile customers to buy, change and manage ticket reservations, check train statuses, review schedules and sign up to receive email alerts to find out when their train is delayed (which with Amtrak is quite often). Amtrak Mobile Web Site: https://www.amtrak.mobi/

Riding The Rails

With the soaring price of gas and plane tickets, you might find yourself taking the rails sooner than later.