The Best Friars Club Jokes From The Matt Lauer Roast (2008)

Friars Club
Friars Club

TODAY Show anchor Matt Lauer was the butt of many dirty jokes during the Matt Lauer Roast at the infamous New York Friars Club. From the TV news crowd, joining Lauer at the roast were Katie Couric, Brian Williams, Meredith Vieira, Ann Curry, Diane Sawyer, Al Roker, Jeff Zucker and more.

Friars Club Jokes From The Matt Lauer Roast

The Los Angeles Times’ Matea Gold gives an account of the roast, with a few of the less-dirty jokes. Here’s one from Zucker aimed at Couric: “When they asked me to come speak in front of several hundred people, I thought they wanted me to anchor the ‘CBS Evening News.'”

The Village Voice‘s Tony Ortega gives a more R-rated report. Roker, on the similarities between Lauer and Gov. Sarah Palin: “They each spent $150,000 on clothes in a single season. They were both screwed over by Katie Couric. And both wear women’s jeans.”

There was also this shot by Couric at her competitor: “It’s great that one of Barack Obama‘s political advisers could make it here today. Ladies and gentlemen, Brian Williams.”

And much more dirty material. Sorry — no video of the infamous Matt Lauer Roast yet. And we can’t even post some of the other filthy jokes from the event. But here’s a New York Post video clip of the pre-show interviews.

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