CodeWeavers Ports Google Chrome to Mac

minted methodshopIs Firefox getting slower or is my frustration that Google still hasn’t released a Mac/Linux version of their Chrome web browser just increasing? Like many Mac users, I’m dying to try out Google Chrome. Google released their Chrome browser in early September 2008 and sent the tech community a buzz.

But for all the eager first adopters, there’s a hitch… Google Chrome is currently PC-only. According to Google, a Mac/Linux version is “coming soon.” I hate PC only software. The PCs I have access to at home and work are almost 10 years old, are full of spyware and suck. I could install Chrome using Boot Camp or Parallels on my Mac, but that’s a lot of hassle just to try out Chrome.

But there is another solution. The evil geniuses at CodeWeavers have taken the open source code of Google Chrome and ported it to run on Intel-based Macs and Linux.

The ported version of Mac Chrome looks and feels like a Windows app, but at least Mac users can check out Chrome.

Google Chrome: Mac/Linux Port [download]


minted methodshop