OMG! Texting is all the rage

    OMG! Texting is all the rage 1One-third of young people do it three times a day with their significant other. About one-fourth do it with more than one person at a time.

    Now, get your mind out of the gutter. We’re talking about text messaging.

    A new survey from AT&T has confirmed what many New Yorkers already know – text messaging is how they communicate with the one they l-u-v.

    Sixty-eight percent say they’ve used text messaging to send a love note; a similar number say they’ve used it to flirt.

    Not surprisingly, the pollsters found a generation gap in the answers from 1,000 consumers surveyed online.

    Thirty-seven percent of those 18 to 35 said they text their loved one at least three times a day. Only 22% of those between 36 and 55 texted that much.

    About a quarter of the younger group admitted to texting more than one person at a time for romantic reasons; only 7% of the older group were texting two-timers.

    Alecia Bridgwater, director of messaging for AT&T’s Wireless Unit, said while she knew texting had a romantic side, she didn’t realize it was the new bouquet of roses.

    “I was surprised by the extent,” she said.

    She also was surprised to find that text messaging has replaced other forms of courtship – like a telephone call – for many young people.

    Thirty-four percent said they would be more comfortable on a first date if they’d broken the ice via text beforehand; about 25% said they’re more likely to accept the date if they’ve texted.

    “The kids that do this say they can tell in the first two or three text messages if this is someone they want to pursue,” Bridgwater said.

    OMG! Texting is all the rage 2
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