Beware Of The Doghouse! – Hilarious JC Penney Commercial

Would you ever give your wife a vacuum cleaner as an anniversary gift? If you said yes, then you need to watch this clever holiday ad from JC Penney called “Beware Of The Doghouse”.

Beware Of The Doghouse Commercial

The Beware Of The Doghouse commercial is almost 5 minutes long, so it’s tough to technically call it a “commercial”. Also, you don’t even know who created the video until the end page that prompts you to visit the Beware Of The Doghouse website from JCPenney’s jewelry department. Instead of a commercial, I think the term “sponsored content” or “branded content” is more appropriate.

Beware Of The Doghouse: Awards

The Beware Of The Doghouse viral video was part of an interactive marketing campaign for JCPenney in 2008. The video won the 2009 World Retail Award for Best Digital Retail Advertising Campaign at the World Retail Congress in Barcelona. The ad also took Gold honors at the 2010 Effie Awards under the Fashion & Style category.

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