Blogrush Shuts Downs

Was Blogrush a Traffic Generator or Pyramid Scheme? While the bloggersphere continues to debate it, this month the company shut down. Here’s a portion of the white flag email that was sent to BlogRush users by CEO John Reese:

Blogrush Shuts Downs 1

“Our team worked very hard to try and build a service that would truly help bloggers of all sizes get free traffic to their blogs. This was our primary focus. Not once did we ever try to monetize the service with ads or anything else. BlogRush never made a single penny in revenue. We wanted to be able to help our users FIRST and then worry about monetizing the service later. Unfortunately, the service didn’t work out like we had hoped.”

Blogrush Shuts Downs 2We installed the BlogRush widget on when they first launched and really didn’t see any traffic increase or benefit from it at all. One of our biggest issues with the widget was it was fugly. We had to exile the ugly thing to the bottom most corner of our website.

If you currently have the Blog Rush widget installed on your blog, you will need to remove it ASAP. It doesn’t work anymore and will slow down the loading of your web pages.

If you want to continue to follow the drama behind the death of BlogRush and see what else CEO John Reese is up to, follow him on Twitter: Even though BlogRush didn’t work out, he’s a smart guy and will land on his feet. John if you are reading this, good luck!