CNN Gets Wacky on Election Night with Hologram Reporters (2008)

Every American presidential election, the TV news networks will try to dazzle viewers with new technologies and graphics that add a little eye candy to hours of dry election coverage. From the Microsoft Surface to some other proprietary software platform, this year, touchscreens were all the rage.

Admittedly, watching MSNBC‘s Andrea Mitchell awkwardly fumble around with a Microsoft Surface was pretty entertaining. But as far as technology this election, CNN was the clear winner with hologram correspondents!?

Although the idea of hologram reporters sounds interesting, it got weird fast. Seeing hologram reporters in the CNN Election Center was like watching Princess Leia from Star Wars tell Luke Skywalker that Virginia’s electoral votes were John McCain‘s only hope. If that wasn’t awkward enough, CNN had from The Black Eyed Peas via hologram as well to add some additional meaningless conmentarty.

We doubt CNN will make these wacky hologram interactions a normal part of their daily news coverage. What about you?

Via methodshop