See the Winner of Saudi Arabia’s Most Beautiful Goat Contest

Check it out while you can. A religious condemnation of this goat beauty contest probably isn't far behind.

Beautiful Goat Contest

Say hello to the winner of Saudi Arabia‘s first “Most Beautiful Goat” competition. Hundreds of Najdi goats and their owners from all over the Persian Gulf converged in Riyadh last week for the first ever beautiful goat contest. Spectators were not only treated to spectacular views of Najdi goats, but were also serenaded by poets who recited verses in praise of the goats over loudspeakers.

A Beautiful Goat Contest?

Why? What’s all the hype about? Najdi goats are the thoroughbreds of the goat world. Prize Najdi goats sell for more than $26,000 each. Plus, human beauty contests are banned in Saudi Arabia. Guys need to ogle over something right? Why not goats?

Winner of Saudi Arabia "Most Beautiful Goat" Competition

Are Goat Beauty Contests Evil?

Unfortunately this might be the first and last goat beauty contest. In November 2007, an administrator at Saudi Arabia’s school of Islam condemned camel beauty contests as evil and suggested those involved seek repentance from Allah. Looks like a condemnation of this goat beauty contest probably isn’t far behind.