Interview with ROCKETON founders Steve Hoffman, Eric Hayashi and Naomi Kokubo

ROCKETON wants to turns the entire Internet into a virtual world for browser based avatars.


Steve Hoffman and Eric Hayashi are certainly well-rounded interactive entertainment executives. Their bios are full of so many impressive entertainment and gaming companies that it will make your head spin. Combined, Steve and Eric have worked at Vivendi Universal Games, Virgin Interactive, Infospace, Hasbro Interactive, Sega and Atari.

So what did Steve and Eric do with all that experience? What was the culmination of this vast interactive knowledge? In 2007, Steve and Eric joined forces with Naomi Kokubo and co-founded ROCKETON. Instead of having to go to a separate site or use a specific application like Second Life, ROCKETON turns the entire Internet into a virtual world for browser-based avatars. ROCKETON is Second Life + PMOG with a twist of Facebook and a dash of StumbleUpon. It’s a new type of multiplayer social experience that spans the entire web.

MethodShop was lucky enough to get some time with Steve and Eric and grilled them pretty hard about ROCKETON. Here’s a link to our full interview: ROCKETON’s Steve Hoffman and Eric Hayashi