For Americans, cooking Thanksgiving dinner was a way to celebrate our new home away from the British and give thanks for the harvest. But anytime you are cooking a big meal for lots of people… unfortunately something is bound to get messed up. But thanks to a few websites like ChefsLine, Butterball, and, experienced chefs are connecting with home cooks online and helping them save Thanksgiving dinner.

Butterball’s Turkey Tech Support Solutions

This year, Butterball has made a commendable effort to transition into a Web 2.0 world. Butterball customers can now sign up for thawing reminder text messages, read turkey related blogs, watch cooking tutorial videos and participate in live chats on

This high-tech cooking assistance fills a growing need that has boomed due to the popularity of hobby cooking. Food TV shows, podcasts like Stump The Chef, and websites are inspiring more and more people to try their hand in the kitchen. The only problem is… the average person doesn’t really know how to cook anymore.

Connecting With Cooking Professionals

So the next time you are wondering how to cook a frozen turkey in one afternoon or why your flourless cake never cooked all the way through, professional help might be just one IM, website or email away. But before you start chatting with chefs online, you might want to brush up on your chatroom and IM lingo. Think I’m overreacting? Well, ROTFL TAFN NRN L8R! AAB!

And if you’re completely computer impaired, there’s always the Butterball help line, 1-800-BUTTERBALL (1-800-288-8372).