Atomic Bass Earbuds

Atomic Bass Earbuds 1

BOOM!!! Do you feel like your iPhone or iPod needs more bass? Is your favorite Equalizer setting “Bass Boost?” Wish your headphones sounded as good as your home or car stereo system? Then maybe it’s time you invested in an “atomic” pair of bass enhancing earphones.

flip videoRadius has really taken great pains in the physical design and internal engineering to make their Atomic Bass earbuds great. They’ve even included a gold plated stereo mini-plug… something not usually found in earphones priced under $50.

Bass aficionados who are looking for a great pair of earbuds for under $50 will fall in love with the Atomic Bass earphones.

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Atomic Bass Earbuds 2

Atomic Bass Earbuds 3The Atomic Bass Earphones are part of the Gadget Gift Guide. We’ve rounded up the best gadget gifts money can buy. There’s something for everyone. From tiny stocking stuffers to a personal mini tank. We’ve hand-selected some of the most popular gadgets this holiday season and organized them into a little interactive shopping list.